Having a clear vision, plan and willingness to take action, changed my life.


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In 2011 I was facing both  job loss and the ending of a 23 year long marriage. I had no clue as to what I wanted to do, who I really was outside of being a wife and mother, or even how I was going to get through. I had long stopped dreaming for myself.

All my plans were built around my family and what I wanted for others. I kept asking myself:

  • What kind of life do “I” want to create outside of the life that I have now?
  • After all of this, who am I really?
  • How do I "own" my own inner space? and
  • How do I do all of this?

I wanted to reclaim “me”, recreate the sense of bliss that I once had and thrive in my new life.

I was determined to find happiness for myself and my sons. How do I keep my family intact while going through the break-up of my marriage? Facing both fear and uncertainty, I felt like I was walking through a dark tunnel filled with shut doors.  I wanted so badly to know the right key that I should use to open the right door for me. I turned to friends and family and they tried to be supportive, but they didn't have the answers. They didn't understand. I searched and searched.

bta-thumbnailWhen I couldn't find it, I created it.

Hi, my name is Sterling Marie Fulton, Chief Executive Planner  and Founder of "Your Space to Thrive" and author of The Brain Trust Planner - A Comprehensive Life Achievement System.

Tired of starting something and not getting anywhere?

I help you (the busy professional )  get clear and focused and gain a sense of direction that is so powerful that you know where to focus your energies. This will support you as you reclaim, recreate and thrive in the life of your dreams.

How do YOU do this? By using a unique and personalized  process, I help you to focus on the desired outcomes of your dreams and wants. We work together to make sure that your dreams are turned into actionable goals and your goals have the solid structure and support to turn them into a reality. And we do all of this in a safe and nurturing environment.

 One thing that I know for sure - setting your intent, focusing on the outcome and being clear about what you want in your life can make your dreams come true!

What’s special about Your Space to Thrive? It’s based not only on intense research, but also on my own personal experiences of divorce and job loss and coming out on the other side thriving, not just simply surviving. As a result of going through my program,  clients have done everything from created happy, healthy relationships, started their own businesses and even lost weight. But the biggest result by far is they grew in confidence knowing they can create the life of their dreams. Feel free to read client testimonials.

I help you achieve!

My books and program specializes in putting a structure and focus on your dreams and goals to help you to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Discover your desires at the deepest level
  • Turn your vision into goals
  • Develop solid actionable plans
  • Get those plans accomplished
  • Be in full alignment with your values
  • Grow and ultimately thrive

You are only as strong as the action you take. Whether you desire strong relationships, taking courageous action or just having a positive impact on your family, friends and community; the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Don't keep reliving the life that was. Get clear and focused. Create the life YOU want. Let Your Space to Thrive show you how.

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